Maya Zuckerman

Transmedia Producer

Maya is a transmedia producer and emerging technology aficionado. She brings a wealth of experience from different media silos: visual effects, film, production, gaming, startups, product management and brand narratives. She has worked with big feature films and on game cinematics such as “Prince of Persia”, “Ghostbusters” and “Star-Trek online” for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi, Sega and Activision.   In her career she also worked in product development for software and interactive products for companies such as the Chopra Center, Harpo Productions and Salesforce.com.   In Transmedia SF Maya has co-produced over a dozen monthly meetups, including two weekend events: a Transmedia Jam and a StartupWeekend Transmedia.


She works as a marketing manager for Keyframe-Entertainment – a Transformational Media Network that bridges Underground Electronic Music and mainstream culture.


Her passion revolves around mainstream cross platform media and transformational media and one other project she is involved with as a Chief Innovation Officer is MYTHAPHI – a media production and distribution platform for the socially conscious consumer looking for emerging culture and technology.


She advices on numerous ground breaking projects such as Dark Prophet and Keyframe Cinema.


Maya was featured as one of the “women in transmedia” – honoring women pioneering the field in an article written by Liz Nord for PBS/POV website.


She has developed and is running the StoryWorld Quest PitchQuest competition.