Maureen McHugh

Writer, Co-Founder, No Mimes

Maureen McHugh’s most recent collection of short stories, After the Apocalypse, was one of Publishers Weekly’s Ten Best Books of 2011.  She has been working in interactive storytelling since 2003 when she was a writer and managing editor for the ARG ilovebees. She worked on several major interactive projects including Year Zero for Nine Inch Nails.  In 2009 she founded an interactive media company with Steve Peters and Behnam Karbassi called No Mimes.  In 2011 she went to work for Fourth Wall Studio, and was part of the team that developed their Emmy winning multiscreen series Dirty Work.  She wrote several multiscreen experiences including the original short, Whispers, and branded content for Discovery ID, Redrum.  In the last two years she’s worked with companies pursuing Canadian Media Fund grants for transmedia storytelling projects.  She teaches Storytelling for Interactive at University of Southern California in the graduate program in Interactive.