Erica Hargreave

Founder and Creative Head, Ahimsa Media

Erica Hargreave, Founder and Creative Head of Ahimsa Media, has been creating cross-platform media and immersive storyworlds before she knew there were terms for what she was doing. Her early integration into the digital space and ability to develop stories interactively, led to the creation of one of the first digital / transmedia storytelling companies. She has led her team in paving the way for the acceptance of digital and transmedia characters in the digital sphere (and real life); been the digital voice behind films and TV Series; and developed and implemented digital, interactive and transmedia strategy and storytelling courses at a number of post-secondary institutions. 


Along the way, she discovered the power that story holds in brand promotion, and has learned how to weave story through a brand’s digital existence. By building a brand with story to targeted audiences in digital niche communities, she creates engaged communities that care about the brand and it’s success. Similarly in the case of her own storytelling properties and those of the television series she’s worked on, she has created engaged audiences that feel they have a stake in the success of the story.


Her passion for travel has lead her to the creation of a travel transmedia tale, Roamancing.com, whose digital travel magazine and storytelling character, Emme Rogers, are ranked amoung the top travel influencers in the world. Through her travels, in her storytelling, globally, and in business, Erica has learned what impassions audiences online, and ultimately drives them to take action.


Over the years, Erica has written for TV, magazines, books, the web and the education sector.  She has worked as a creative producer for both TV and theater, directed, and even starred in her own TV Show.  Erica has also taught – both in the Community, and at Post Secondary and Grade School Institutions.  Thriving on challenges and the desire to solve problems, Erica has been focusing her storytelling on emerging, digital and transmedia for the past decade and has been loving it. She loves to share this passion with others and help them to bring their stories to life too.  In this bent, Erica speaks around the world about digital and transmedia storytelling and how it can be applied to media, brands, travel and education; inspiring others to find their creativity and story, and empowering them with the knowledge to put it into action! You can also join Erica for one of her classes in Interactive Storytelling and Social Media Essentials online through BCIT’s Media Storytelling Program.