Houston Howard

Chief Storyteller Officer and Co-Founder, One 3 Productions

Houston Howard is the Chief Storyteller Officer and Co-Founder of the company One 3 Productions. He is a recognized leader known for crafting strategic vision used to achieve business and creative goals and is the author of the transmedia design book, Make Your Story Really Stinkin’ Big: How to Go From Concept to Franchise and Make Your Story Last For Generations.


Creatively, Houston is responsible for shaping the overall makeup, development and direction of the One 3 Productions creative team. Additionally, Houston is the main screenwriter for the team as well as the lead board game developer. To date, Houston has overseen the creation and development of the companyʼs first transmedia franchise Fury, in which he designed the board game, wrote the feature film script and was the creative director for the rest of the universe. Additionally, Houston is currently the creative director and head writer of the independent transmedia franchises, City of Refuge and The Rubber Room as well as multiple transmedia branding campaigns for a variety of clients.


In particular, he has developed transmedia concepts for brands such as Reliance MediaWorks / Dreamworks, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Michael Weise Productions, iStandTV, Harper Collins Publishing, Compassion 2 One and has recently worked on projects such as The Little Flower Transmedia Collaborative, Ganesh’s Temple and an upcoming Steve McQueen biopic.


He has also pioneered the Story Builders Academy, which is an educational outreach where he leads teams of transmedia professionals into schools and use a transmedia approach to reengineer how storytelling is taught to students. After beginning in high schools, his company has recently expanded into colleges, forming a ongoing educational relationship with Liberty University. They also look forward to establishing a professional educational initiative later this year.


In addition to speaking at Storyworld in Los Angeles on “How Brands Build Storyworlds”, Houston has also presented at the Transvergence Summit in Hollywood and the Great American Pitchfest in Burbank.


Houston and his wife, Courtney, recently had their first child – a beautiful baby girl – to go along with their two furry, four-legged children.


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