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Edmonton is a top location choice for many content creators and the SWQ Conference also agrees…. See what your peers have to say:


“…Edmonton Film Commission…to be highly commended… Without their constant support and guidance, we’d never have ended-up in Edmonton… Edmonton is A-OK in my book and I would not hesitate to let other producers know – it’s a fine place to shoot…”

David Buelow, LA Producer,– FREEZER


“…Edmonton is a real gem and we are most happy to have found it…”

Kevin Beggs – Chairman Lionsgate Television Group


“…thank you for all you did to make our time in Edmonton great…I’ve worked with film commissions all over the place and I’ve never had someone take care of us this way…”

Laura Fox – LA Production Designer – CUT BANK


“…I have never had a better relationship with a civic administration than the one I had in Edmonton. Thirteen unique one-hour movies shot back-to-back would be a challenge to produce anywhere but with Edmonton’s ‘can-do’ attitude, great locations and supportive environment, we pulled it off. Kudos to everyone…,” Jonathan Hackett, “Fear Itself” Producer.


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Edmonton: We Know Snow


Government of Alberta
The Government of Alberta is a proud supporter of Alberta’s cultural industries. The Ministry of Culture, through its Cultural Industries Branch, provides support to organizations and individuals who make up Alberta’s screen-based production industry, as well those engaged in the production of books, magazines and sound recordings. Supporting Alberta’s cultural industries promotes a vibrant and culturally rich province, diversifies and strengthens Alberta’s economy, and enhances the lives of all Albertans by providing opportunities to share and experience cultural.


The Cultural Industries Branch is also home to Alberta Film, the provincial film commission. Alberta Film provides support to the screen-based production industry by offering location services, connections to unions and guilds, as well as financial support through the Alberta Media Fund (AMF). A unique mix of expertise, locations and advantages help make Alberta a destination of choice for productions from around the world. Alberta is home to expert crews that have been nominated for more than 50 Academy Awards since 1948 and have received 22 Emmy Award wins out of more than 90 nominations, more than any other jurisdiction in Canada. Alberta crews are highly skilled in working on all types of production. Major projects including The Bourne Legacy, Inception, Interstellar, Hell on Wheels, Heartland, Fargo, Blackstone, Brokeback Mountain, Klondike, Cut Bank, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Tiny Plastic Men and Broken Trail have not only taken advantage of Alberta’s expert crews but the incredible range of diverse locations Alberta provides for any type of project. In addition to superb natural locations, Alberta offers a number of standing sets, a studio and state-of-the-art post-production facilities. The AMF is a competitive and flexible incentive for production in the form of a grant against all eligible production expenses incurred in Alberta.


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