StoryWorld Quest
Nov 24 - Nov 26, 2017 | Edmonton, Alberta Canada


"I had a lovely time at the conference. The attendees seemed energized and interested, and all the panelists talked about what a good experience it was - how much they enjoyed the hotel, the meet-ups, the shuttle buses, and the seminars. It was a job very well done." -Sean Stewart

"I just wanted to offer you a quick word of thanks for thinking to include Fuji and myself in the Storyworld Quest conference. I found the learning to be of value to me and have already shared many of the positive experiences/knowledge. I look forward to your next event in Canada." -Stosh Durbacz

"Hi and thanks for the fantastic weekend! I had a blast, the talk with your group was so much fun. The networking was great, and the generous dinner party was fabulous." -Sara Moffit

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WORKSHOP: Transmedia Storytelling — The Future of Story Across Multiple Media Platforms * located in the Shaw Theater

As a generation matures in an age of pervasive media, young people are demanding access to story in new and innovative ways, which demand vanguard skills in the development, production and distribution of content. Transmedia storytelling is a cutting edge technique that allows storytellers to convey messages, themes and rich narratives to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple media platforms.  

Transmedia methods have been used to extend such properties as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Halo, as well as such brand campaigns as Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory across an array of media touch points. What is the origin of transmedia storytelling? What are the basic tenets of this technique? How can it help you become a successful storyteller? Can you use these techniques for your own projects? And can you launch a career in transmedia production? Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, and the world’s leading transmedia producer, will answer all of these questions in this seminar aimed at aspiring media professionals.
Presenter:   Jeff Gomez, CEO Starlight Runner Entertainment
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PANEL SESSION: It Starts with the Story * located in the Shaw Theater

What does it take to create a great story in the expanding, merging worlds of digital and new media? What makes a storyworld different than a story?  In this session, top  Canadian and U.S. writers and showrunners will share their on-the-ground experiences working in transmedia storytelling across multiple platforms.  Discover the new opportunities that exist for writers and creators in today’s emerging media landscape.
Panelists: Maureen McHugh, Emmy-Winning Multi-Screen Series “Dirty Work”; Steve Mitchell, Writer/Showrunner, “The Pretender”; Sean Stewart, Creative Director, X Box Entertainment Studio & Author; Evette Vargas, Award-Winning Multi-Platform Series “Dark Prophet”; and Michael Jorgensen, Filmmaker, Myth MERCHANT FILMS
Moderator: Houston Howard, Author, Transmedia Consultant & Producer, One 3 Productions

PANEL SESSION: Show Me The Money * located in the Shaw Theater

As the landscape of content creation, distribution, technology and audience and customer viewing habits continues to rapidly shift, the biggest questions facing today’s professional are — where’s the money for content production and merging media and what can I expect from my investment in transmedia and cross platform campaigns?  Is it really worth it to make the effort?  This panel of experienced experts will share their perspectives on new financial opportunities arising, the challenges and opportunities.
Panelists:  J. Joly, CEO & Founder, CineCoup Media Inc;  Don Pare, Chairman of RvCapital; Marcia Douglas, Manager, Bell Fund; Valerie Creighton, President & CEO, Canadian Media Fund; Jeff Brinton, Alberta Media Fund
Moderator:  Joe Novak, Founder & Owner, Bow River Productions

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Paul Thorsteinson
Chief Technology Officer, Robots and Pencils Paul loves to make things, and has more than ...
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Tim Rutherford
Co-Writer/Co-Director Tim is a self taught filmmaker inspired by the fun and lovable films ...
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Sarah Thomas Moffat
Cinematographer, Canon Canada Northern Explorer of Light Sarah Thomas Moffat is a Canon ...
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Michael Jorgensen
Filmmaker, Myth MERCHANT FILMS Michael is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker whose films ...
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Jesse Lipscombe
 Executive Producer, Actor, Mosaic Entertainment Lipscombe’s work in the entertainment ...
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Catherine Saykaly-Stevens
Author, Web Series Writer and Content Creator, Owner of The Networking WebCatherine ...
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